Mini Dental Implants in Matawan, NJ

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Dental implants have revolutionized the dental industry by stabilizing dentures, replacing missing teeth, and improving patients’ quality of life. However, their cost and strict anatomical requirements may be prohibitive for some people. The FDA has recently approved the use of mini dental implants, which are narrower and less invasive to place than their traditional counterparts.

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What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are sometimes also known as small-diameter implants. These all-in-one appliances are approximately the diameter of a toothpick and can be used anywhere in the mouth, although they are most commonly used to replace small teeth like incisors and to stabilize lower denture plates.

There are several advantages to mini dental implants over traditional (root-form) implants and dentures.

  • The surgical placement is much less invasive. Stitches are almost never required and regular eating can be resumed sooner.
  • Only one appointment is required for placement.
  • Mini implants can still be placed in patients who have experienced bone loss in their gum ridges from years of wearing traditional dentures.
  • Mini implants are typically less expensive.
  • Dentures attached to mini implants are very stable and comfortable.

The dentures that affix to mini implants have an attachment system that allows for easy removal but are firmly anchored in place. With these snug-fitting fixtures, denture wearers can speak, smile and eat without concern of slippage or shifting.

The placement of mini dental implants requires advanced training and certification that only a small minority of dentists have received. Shalin Jani at Elegant Smiles of Matawan, NJ has completed this training and is pleased to offer it to his patients.

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