Checking dental fillingA tooth may need to be filled or restored due to decay, chipping or other damage, and composite fillings are a great option if you are looking for a restoration that’s strong and can enhance a beautiful smile.

What are Composite Dental Fillings?

Composite dental fillings are are made of a blend of plastic resins and silica fillers. These materials mimic many of the qualities of natural tooth structure, such as resistance to wear and translucency. They withstand chewing pressure well, and are safe, long-lasting and strong. Composite fillings offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to silver (dental amalgam) fillings, and involve a treatment method that preserves more of your tooth’s natural structure.

The Dental Filling Process

After the area to be filled has been numbed with a local anesthesia, Dr. Jani prepares your teeth using dental instruments that remove decay. Next, the filling material is placed directly into the tooth. A specialized curing light is then used to securely bond the composite material to the tooth structure.
Although the basic procedure for both types of fillings is the same, in order to achieve an effective structural bond with traditional amalgam dental fillings, it is often necessary to remove more natural tooth structure than with composite fillings. Amalgam fillings are a strong option for very large cavities, but over time a structurally-weakened tooth may be prone to cracking.

Are Composite Resin Fillings Right For You?

Typically, tooth-colored composite fillings are appropriate for small to moderate-sized restorations. If a large portion of tooth structure needs to be removed, there are other options available, such as inlays and crowns, which are fabricated outside the mouth and cemented to the tooth.

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